Bottle Cap Challenge




Welcome to new Draw My Life Video.

Finally, Tiktakers!

The new viral challenge is here!

It will test both our abilities and our patience.

If the Manequin Challenge left you frozen like the Ice Bucket challenge, if you spent hours throwing a bottle and flipping it over a lava river, if you are still bumping into the damned invisible boxthis is your moment.

Get ready to facethe Bottle Cap Challenge!

The bottle cap, this little plastic object, is gonna turn into our new obsession, the challenge is nothing butopening a bottle with your foot!

But hang on a secondyou can't just kick it until the cap comes off, probably some of you already had that idea!

It's not about trying your skills with your toes.

It's more about concentration, agility and a little martial arts touch.

To understand it better, we'll have to watch Jason Staham's video (the popular actor in the sagas Expendables and Fast and Furious).

This video he uploaded on Instagram, and during its first three days already reached the 15 million plays.

Statham braces himself in front of a bottle at the forefront, and, in slow motion, he spins to gather momentum and jump kicks in the air.

With the sole of his foot, he manages to touch the bottle cap so it turns and shoots off, leaving the bottle open.

A great achievement worthy of Bruce Leehalf of the world is trying to imitate it now!

But the truth is, it wasnt Statham that started it all.

It actually began on June 25th with another video on Instagram, where the taekwondo world champion Farabi Davletchin introduced these amazing acrobatics.

Three days later, he was imitated on Twitter by another champion, the featherweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Max Holloway, who turned it into a challenge for his friend, the singer and producer John Mayer.

It has rapidly become viral, and lots of famous people and athletes have accepted to try and imitate the deed.

But it's not only athletes, really!

There is this latin mom whos killing it on Twitter,

after opening the bottle with a perfect flip flop throw.

We've even reached the point where there are videos of fails and parodies, where some try to fix the video in an absurd way, holding the shoe on their hand, or simply giving up and opening the bottle the old fashioned way.

But don't you give up, Tiktakers.

The good thing about these challenges is that we can have a good time and,

once we are on it, exercise a bit.

So, you know, search for the hastag #BottleCapChallenge, learn from the best, and prepare your best kick.