K.J. Apa And The Cast Of "The Last Summer" Tells Us About Their First Times


- Hey, what's going on everybody? I'm Tyler Posey, and we're the cast of The Last Summer.

- Yay. (cheers)

- Today, we're gonna be telling you a few of our firsts. (bright techno music)

- Okay, first red carpet event? My first big red carpet was for Grown Ups 2.

It was in New York and it was really exciting. My whole family was there.

- Oh, cute. - Yeah, it was cute. - You were really good in that movie, the ice cream?

- Oh, thanks! - That was sweet. - Oh yeah! - May have had a crush.

- Oh you guys! (others laugh) - What's yours bro?

- Probably the Upfronts in New York for Riverdale, yeah. - Oh, CW, yeah. - Yeah.

- Was it before your show came out too? - What was that like? - Yeah it was.

- Mayhem, pandemonium. - Mine was about six months ago (laughs).

- Yeah. - It was the premier of my first movie

which is Sierra Burgess is a Loser which is a Netflix movie. - [KJ] Yeah yeah, sick sick sick.

- But it was at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard.

- [Halston] Oh fun. Which is like the movie theater that I always go to

to see the big movies. And I took my sister,

- That's crazy. - It was right before her birthday, and we had a fun night.

- [Tyler] Aw, congrats man. - She was gettin' on stage, and dancin' with everybody,

it was pretty cool. - I think I was 10.

It was for. . . - Maid in Manhattan? - Maid in Manhattan!

And I was really really really really nervous on the way to this red carpet.

I remember I felt like I was going to throw up. - [Others] No!

(others laugh) - And then I got out it was the same,

all these people wanting pictures, and it was nuts, it was crazy.

I didn't know how to answer questions back then, I would just run on these tangents.

- Well you were 10, though. - Yeah. - It's okay.

- I feel like it's always such a weird experience, though. - Oh mine was I think, Iron Man,

one of the Iron Man movies a few years ago. - Oh that's a good one. - [KJ] Sick.

- Iron Man, I've heard of that? - But I worked all day and I was really tired

so I feel asleep during the movie. - [Others] Oh no! - Did anybody catch you?

- Yeah, we watched it later though. - Toronto Film Festival, TIFF.

Very first film, called Vanishing on 7th Street, with Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo.

I mean 'cause I was already kinda performing doing music that young, so the cameras was always like. . .

(others laugh) They were laughing at me, I was like wassup?

Wassup over here? You know I was dancin'.

- First time meeting each other. - Today!

- [Others] Today! - Naw, naw.

- Well, yeah. - Is it really? - Yeah. - Yeah.

- This is my first time meeting these guys. - I had met everybody except Tyler.

I feel like I've known him my whole life. - I met everybody--

- First time us meeting. - Yeah, woo.

- High-five. - We met. . .

- We met briefly at ComiCon. - [Tyler] At Comicon. - Jacob and I, we arrived on a Sunday night

but we didn't start filming 'til Tuesday. So all day Monday we just hung out

and got to know each other. - That's fun. - We read through the entire script, all our scenes,

went to the gym together, went to go get food. - Yeah, we spent a lot of time at the gym.

(laughs) - Same, oh my God I worked out so much.

- It was like 4:00 am in the gym, I'm coming back at 8 am. - I'm still tired. (others laugh)

- First on set memory that comes to mind while filming The Last Summer.

First on set memory was when Bill asked me to jump into a lake, (laughs)

and I was like ha, ha, that's funny. (laughs)

That's funny, and he said no, seriously, - [Maia] Same, same, same though.

- I was like, but I can't swim. He's all no it's fine, we'll get you,

you'll be right by the boat. So every time I jumped in the lake I was like (sputters)

(others laugh) literally dying to get back to the boat.

I was like help me out, help me out, help me out! (laughs)

And everybody was just laughing it was pretty funny. - Wow dude, I wouldn't have laughed at you.

- I know. - You know that scene we did?

Just that one shot walking down that little alleyway? - Yep.

- I think that was it. I think I really enjoyed shooting that one.

- It was a one-take-wonder. - One-take-wonder, we only did it like three times too.

- Yeah, so almost a one-take-wonder. (others laugh) What?

Mine was probably, eating the barbecue. - Yeah, that was memorable.

- That was memorable, and gross. - Yeah. (others laugh)

- Wrigley - Oh yeah.

- I mean we had the best time at Wrigley. We spent like 20 hours there which was pretty incredible.

It was just our crew and we were up in the scoreboard at night.

And just looking at the completely empty stadium was very surreal.

- I gotta say when Foster gets what's comin' to him and he gets the drinks all thrown on him by all the girls.

So for that, what's actually cool is the director Bill Bindley,

his daughter was one of the girls that threw it on me. (laughs)

- And we did a couple rehearsals and I was like eh, I got it I can react.

And then when you get the liquid which, to this day I actually don't know what the drink was.

It was just some sticky beer substance. - Yeah yeah yeah. - [Halton] Probably.

- That was pretty memorable. (others laugh) - You're like, I still feel it.

- Ricky was really rich and had a Corvette. - Oh I saw that bro, how was that?

That would have been sick - It was pretty cool - Yeah yeah when they said cut I was like

let me get in the driver's seat real quick just to see it. - You should have!

- Did you get to rip around? - I don't know if I, I was pretty respectful.

- [KJ] Yeah, yeah. (others laugh) - We were in a tiny little neighborhood.

- We only lost him once. - I think I zoomed once, I don't know.

- First time you were recognized in public. This young girl, she just started crying

and I didn't really get it. At first I was like why are you crying?

"I'm just so happy to see you, you inspire me so much!" And then it was like oh wow,

you never really know the impact you have on people because, you know, you're just simply doing what you love,

we're just doing our everyday thing, we don't think about it but somebody out there is really really inspired by it.

- I'll tell you a cool interaction with a fan that I've had. I was actually just recently

at a convention in Washington. This couple actually proposed to us

(gasps) In front of us, - Wow. - In front of me and Cole

- What? - They were both dressed up, one of them was dressed up as Jughead

one of them was dressed up as Archie, and the legitimately proposed.

- Wow. - That's really cute. - So, congrats.

If you guys are watching this, congratulations. (laughs)

- I could say mine because I've only been recognized once. - Nice. (others laughs)

I'm about to do this movie called Hush Hush which is based off this really popular book series.

- [KJ] Yeah. - And the character I play is a fallen angel called Patch.

And this past Christmas, I was in Paris for Christmas, and I was walking around with my brother,

and these two French girls came up to me and they were like, "Patch, Patch!"

They started chasing us around the Eiffel Tower. - That's funny because your movie's not even out yet right?

- That's right, yeah! The first show you ever binge-watched.

- Oo. - Oo, that's a good one. - Who wants to start?

- The Office was mine. - Nice, yeah.

- The Office. - That's good, the British one?

- The British one. - Good. - Yeah.

- Oo. - My man. - Yep, OG.

- Probably The Walking Dead, I was really into The Walking Dead.

- [KJ] Sick. - [Wolfgang] Really? - Yeah, I was really really into it.

- Have you guys seen Friday Night Lights before? - That was mine! - It's really good

- Is it really? - Yeah. - So Friday Night Lights, I got the complete box set.

So, a thing called a box sets, it's before Netflix. (others laugh)

I got the complete box set, and I'm the oldest of seven kids, I have a lot of siblings.

So all my siblings, we would all watch all the episodes together.

And then I remember the last episode, I just watched it with my mom,

and the first thing we said was, "What do we do now?" (laughs) We didn't know what to do.

That's an epic show though if you haven't seen it. - We cry, we sit here and we cry.

- I was gonna say Friday Night Lights but I recently re-watched Grey's Anatomy

- [Others] Oo. - From the beginning. - Nice, nice.

- Isn't that still on? - And I was a big fan. - Yeah. - That's crazy.

- And Dexter, I've kind of been going back and forth. - Oh Dexter is crazy crazy.

- Love Dexter. - Oh my god. - Dexter was so good.

- Super good dude. - Probably The OC when I was 12.

- Sick, yeah. - I was obsessed with Seth Cohen so. . .

- Maybe the Rugrats? - Oo! - Sick.

We're going way back then? - You can't really binge right because bing is at one time. - No, not back then.

- You probably could binge it now - So probably Dexter.

The first celebrity you ever met. - My first celebrity that I met

was a rugby player in New Zealand, Sonny Bo Williams. - Sweet. - Oh really?

- Legend - That's cool. - He was my idol as a kid too.

- [Tyler] Haka. - [Halton] Aw. - Yeah.

- Wait I'm trippin' I think it was John Cena. - [KJ] Aw that's sick!

- [Halton] That's such a good one - [Maia] That's so cool.

- The time is up my time is now. - You can't see me. (laughs)

Yeah 'cause my grandmother used to run a radio station-- - He was a rapper

- in Milwaukee, and when the WWE would come in town

they'd be one of the first radio stations, so it was a bunch of celebrities coming in and out of there.

And I remember John Cena and I was like oh, and I was super little,

- [KJ] Yeah that's sick - [Hilton] That's cool. - I was like oh my God, and he was like,

"Hey man how you doin', you want a picture?" (others laugh)

Just threw my peace signs, I've been doing the peace signs since I was like--

- That was a pretty good impression. - Yeah it was crazy.

- The first dude that I met was Tom Hanks. My dad is an actor also and he did a TV show with him,

and I was four years old and my mom was pregnant with my brother so she couldn't watch me,

So he took me to Florida with him, and I hung out on set with him and Tom Hanks.

I think Ron Howard was directing the episode of the thing he was doing.

- Sweet. - [KJ] That's a good one. - And I was at Video Village,

this little tiny dude with these canned headphones on. - [Hilton] Yeah, that's really cool.

- It was cool, it was really cool - I was really young, but I remember meeting Ronald Reagan.

which was a really cool one. - Really? - Wow

- You must have been. . . - I was tiny, yeah I was really young,

but he gave me a jellybean jar which I'll always remember. - Do you still have that? - You still got it?

- Yeah I do. - No way! - Wow.

- It was a good one. - That's really cool. - Yeah, it was a good one.

Thanks mom and dad (laughs). - You gotta keep that forever. - I guess, maybe Rosie O'Donnell?

- Okay, when was that? - Oh, how? - She did an arch on a show I was on.

- Oh cool. - [Wolfgang] That's pretty cool.

- That's a good one. - When I was 13 years old

my cousin and I went to the Knicks game. And it was the first ever game when LeBron was on The Heat,

and that he was playing at Madison Square Garden. And up on court side, were Drake and Maxwell,

Maxwell's an R&B singer. I didn't really know who Drake was at the time,

it was right when he was coming out though. So I was like yo, Maxwell!

My cousin and I who is the same age as me, we go up to him and I'm like,

"Yo Maxwell I gotta say man, big fan." And he's like, "Aw, appreciate it man, appreciate it."

And then my cousin, on the spot says, "Oh yeah? Name his last album."

- No way - Ohh. . . And I'm like. . . - What?

- Your cousin sucks. - That's awful. - But then I was like, "Black Summer Nights Dream."

And Maxwell's like, "Oh shit, I thought you were screwing with me!"

First summer job. I washed cars for a couple weeks.

- That counts. I washed dishes at my mom's friend's restaurant.

Wasn't during the summer, it was just for three years. - Dish pig eh? (laughs)

- Yeah, after school, because she wouldn't let me use my savings from working.

- I was a counselor at a basketball camp in Massachusetts that my little brother went to.

- I grew up riding horses and my best friend and I had a tack trunk and a boot cleaning business.

- What's a tack trunk? - Wait what? - So a tack trunk is basically a large wooden box

where you keep your saddle and your boots, and basically everything that gets really dirty and smelly.

And we'd clean it out because we're very Type A and organized.

- Nice. - It was actually very therapeutic.

- [Tyler] Yeah I'm sure (others laugh) - I feel like I was there, the way she said it right,

her voice, it was really sweet. - Me too yeah, I'm calmer. - That's adorable.

- Definitely touring, I was on the road, that was probably a dope summer for me,

screen tour days, yeah it was dope, it was dope dope. - Dope dope.

- I was like wassup baby, wassup baby I love you! I love you, I love you.

- I'm holding the bucket like my baby. (others laugh)

- I worked at a paintball park for two summers in a row. - Sick.

- Yeah it was cool I was a referee. - It's the coolest, that' just cool.

- It was really cool - That's sick, that's fun bro. - Yeah, it was really fun.

I had this jersey and it was covered in paint and sweat, and it smelled awful,

you would have done a really good job cleaning it. - Yes! (others laugh)

- With the tack box. - All right guys, we're the cast of The Last Summer.

(cheers) - It's coming out May 3rd on Netflix.

Make sure you go see it, thanks for watching. (upbeat techno music)