Why is it so Easy to be Thin in Japan?



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If you've ever been Japan, you may have noticed that it's really hard to find an obese Japanese person.

In the United States, it's quite a different story.

The rate of obesity among adults in America is on average around 30% whereas the Japan obesity rate is only 3.5%.

But what makes the weight of people in these two countries so different?

"Why Japanese people?"

At first, I was thinking about things likeJapanese people drink a lot of green tea and they get a decent amount of fermented foods like kimuchi or nattou which is great for the gut microbiome.

But, in this video I want to focus on a very simple yet key point about Japan.

The food environment is drastically different from the US.

As of 2017 there's over 243,000 Fast food establishments in America.

There's only 6,169 establishments in Japan, meaning per person, there's about 15 times more fast food restaurants in America.