The Animated History of James Bond



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I've been working here since 1962, long enough to notice subtle differences between people who order the same drink.

There have been six so far, always going on and on about their problems, as if they had to save the world.

Here most people can't tell them apart, but I know what makes each bone tick.

The first one, the Scotsman, came out of nowhere.

Now I can't say what it was about him, the jokes, the tuxedo, the way he could casually skewer someone with a harpoon.

But it wasn't long before he found himself in the company of the most beautiful women night after night.

The act caught on quick, but that Scottish musk still hanging in the air.

A new suit walked in and started calling himself Bond.

He served Her Majesty's Government, briefly.

And we haven't seen much of him since.