How to Do CPR


近日最令人悲伤的事... 著名艺人高以翔在录制节目时意外晕倒,因工作人员抢救不及时而猝然离世。你永远不知道明天和意外哪一个会先来,请收好这份必备心肺复苏急救教程,把握“黄金4分钟”,关键时刻抢救生命。

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Hello, in this HealthSketch, we want to talk to you about CPR, which stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

We use CPR when someone has collapsed and is not breathing, because it can keep people alive until emergency services arrive.

Learning these simple life-saving skills is as easy as ABC - all you have to remember is the "Doctor's ABC".

D is for Danger: First, look around carefully to make sure the area is safe for yourself and others before approaching.

R is for Response: Shake them gently by the shoulders and ask them loudly "Are you alright?"If there is no response, you need to. . .

S: Shout for help, as any assistance will be helpful. A is for Airway: Gently tilt the head back like this, to open up the airway.

B is for Breathing: Look, Listen and Feel for signs of normal breathing: LOOK for normal chest movements, LISTEN for normal breathing sounds and try to FEEL their breath against your face.

Do this for no more than 10 seconds.

If there is no sign of breathing, or if they are breathing in an unusual, noisy way, we need to start CPR. First, make sure that an ambulance is on its way.

If you have someone else with you, ask them to make the call.