How to Make Tea the British Way



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Want to know how to make a cup of tea the British way?

You're in luck.

I've just put the kettle on.

Now I'm not saying that Americans don't love tea, you do, just not as we Brits know it.

For starters, 85% of tea enjoyed in America is iced.

In Britain however, we need something a little warmer and stronger, to get us through those cloudy, rainy, blustery and generally gray days.

So join me as I show you how to make a proper cup of tea the British way.

How to make the perfect cuppa?

Brits take making a cup of tea pretty seriously, so much so that George Orwell even wrote an essay on how to make the perfect cuppa.

Recent research says that in order to make the perfect cup of tea, you should use a freshly boiled water, which in the UK usually comes from an electric kettle, like this one.