Taron Egerton Tells Us About His Firsts


- Hello again, I'm now going to be pulling out my firsts from this bucket and telling you about my first times

doing various things. (upbeat music)

First time when you saw yourself as Elton John? I guess it's kind of a gradual process

where you sort of develop it over time. Shaving up of my hair line was a bit brutal.

Sort of made me look like a kind of egg, sort of furry egg, there's no denying it.

It did make me look quite a bit like Elton John. It's always exciting when you're an actor

and you're able to kind of transform and make yourself look different.

First impression after meeting Richard Madden for the first time?

I thought he didn't like me actually. I met him, he came on set and he was

in his trailer and me and Jamie Bowens said hello to him. Yeah, I think I was just a bit paranoid and insecure.

'cause now we're really really really really good friends. But I think the world of him and he's a good actor.

And I think he's a great person. First role you auditioned for that you really wanted

but went to someone else? People love asking this question,

people love scandal don't they? Billy Lynn, in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

that was directed by Aaron Lee that I've never seen because I was a little bit heartbroken

but Joe Alwyn got the role and he's a very very very good actor.

So you don't mind so much really when it goes to someone who's really good

but that's the one that sticks out in my mind. First thing you did to prepare for your role

as Elton John in Rocketman? I read Elton's diaries, that was very very very helpful.

They're fascinating, quite economic in the terms of how they're written, it's sort of prototypically

a day in the life of you know the early 70s would be did my laundry, wrote a song called Honky Cat

and that would be it and then there's like another day where he says, wasn't in a great mood last night

went to restaurant, did a moody, smashed a plate of french fries on the table.

First big audition. First audition I ever went to was for a play called

the Last of the Housemans at the National Theater which was a role I ended up getting

which I was over the moon about. Big audition in terms of on a kind of global scale

it was probably Kingsmen, The Secret Service which I auditioned for when I was 22 or three.

And it was very very scary, it was the first time I met Matthew Vaughn.

But I actually quite enjoyed it in a way as well, I sort of enjoy the thrill of auditions

and the kind of stakes of it. The excitement of it.

I got that one as well. First celebrity crush?

Maybe Rachel Weiss, Vice, Wise? (laughs)

she's a multi award winning actress, she's married to James Bond none of us

can remember her surname, (laughs) Oh first kiss, that was horrific

that was really really messy. Just drunk and not fun and it just bad technique

and just awful. First job?

I used to work in my Auntie's cafe a lot in Eberstough, and if you go in there now you can,

she has all the posters of my films up in there which is really cute.

And I used to enjoy working in there, 'cause I used to enjoy sort of kind of back and forth

with the customers and seeing regulars and having fun.

And I used to sing in there a lot, I was always working.

But I was terrible and I used to burn a lot of things. Me and my Auntie used to fall out quite a lot

when I worked in there actually. Not, not, not built for cafe life.

First acting gig? Did this play called the Last of the Housemans.

That was the first time I was paid, but I had to wear a dress for my first time on the stage

I was dressed as a woman, I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

First incorrect rumor you read about yourself? I don't know actually, I doubt there have been many.

My name's pronounced Taron Egerton, it's not Egg-erton. That is often something that people get wrong,

one of those things you can't control and everything, but for those of you who are watching it's edge-er-ton.

Please. (upbeat music)