5 Practical Money Saving Hacks



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Hello and welcome to another video.

Saving money is big problem for most people, simply because we love spending every penny we earn.

Let's take a look today at 5 tips that will allow you to save tons of money every month.

So let's jump in.

Let me introduce to you three of my friends, Bill, john, and Brandon.

Bill is 25 and loves spending money.

He is like most of us, he doesn't saves money, because he has a stable job with a salary of 36,000 dollars after taxes, that covers all of this expenses, mortgage, car and the new iPhone he recently bought.

As time goes by, Bill gets married and he becomes a father.

Now instead of covering only his expenses, he has to cover his child and probably wife's expenses as well, but his salary only has increased by 15 percent in the last 5 years.

So now he has to cut down his spendings to be able to pay all the necessarily things.