How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes



If you're anything like me, your night goes something like this.

After an exhausting day you brush your teeth get into your Zelda themed pajamas snuggle up in bed, turn the lights off and then. . . . . . nothing.

No, not the good kind of nothing, the "literally 10 seconds ago I felt like I would die if I didn't get into my bed and now I'm perfectly awake" kind of nothing.

So you try to squeeze your eyes tighter, or maybe I'm just not in a comfortable position?

Yeah, that'll solve it!

But no.

The clock ticks and you become increasingly more aware of every waking second of sleep time that you're losing and how increasingly bad tomorrow will be.

If only you could have just slept at school or work.

It was so easy then, but now in the solitude of night, all you have is your deepest, darkest thoughts and that damn clock that-- Oh my God, it's been three hours?

If this sounds familiar to you then this video is for you, because we've compiled some of the best advice and practices to increase your odds of falling asleep in minutes, and while we're going to start off with the stuff you should do before hitting your bed.