CNCO Tells Us About Their First Times


- Hey yo what's good everybody we are - [Everybody] CNCO

- We're here with Buzzfeed and we're about to answer some questions of our first times.

- Oh yeah. (electronic music)

- First time you danced in front of a crowd? The first time that I danced in front of a crowd

I think it was in La Banda, the show. It wasn't good (laughing)

I'm gonna be honest with you. I sang bad, I think.

- Nah it was good, it was good, I remember. Don't be tough with you.

(laughing) - Shake it up, shake it up, shake it up, shake it up.

- First memory that comes to mind when it comes to touring. - [Everybody] Ooooo.

- Boom, D. R. I feel like when I went to D. R. it was very special

'cause I saw my grandma, everybody was there watching me for the first time on stage.

- First American celeb you heard was a fan of CNCO. First I think was Salma Hayek.

When I see her in LA I was like, super excited and I was like "I love your movie, Frida."

It was a very special moment. - First time you forgot the words or messed up on stage.

- He never messes up. (laughing) - I'm always on point.

- He's always on point. - Actually I messed up in La Banda.

- Ooh. - Bro, it was the first live show and I mess up like bad.

'Cause I was supposed to do a note and I go to another way.

It's happened you know, you have to learn and keep going. Hustling, ya know. - Keep going.

You have to fall you gotta step up, ya know. - First big purchase after you became famous.

I think it was probably just like stuff for my house. We decorate and stuff, probably couches or TV.

- I like this game. (laughing) - First app you check when you wake up.

Whatsapp. On the group chat that we have on CNCO.

- [Interviewer] What goes down in the group chat? - You guys not allowed to know

what we have in the group chat. - First cell phone you ever owned, wow.

The flip phone with the antenna. - Motorola. - Yeah.

Yeah but like super old, like the flip phone that you could use as a walkie talkie as well.

When you put up the antenna it become, yo what's up. - First thing you do after performing.

Shower. - First time you realized you were famous.

When I do a show in my country, Puerto Rico and I see my whole friends, my whole family

and a lot of fans there, it was like a-- - A really cool moment. - Yeah.

- First celebrity crush. I think it was either Victoria (inaudible) or Selena Gomez.

- Victoria is super cute. (laughing) - You watching, you're cute.

This the last one. First kiss.

When I was eight, it was kinda weird. - My first kiss was when I was four or five.

That I was dancing in this TV show and there was this like, these two dancers

and I had to choose between the both of them. - You're like the bachelor.

- Okay so my first kiss was in Cuba. I was super, super, super little.

It was, yeah one of my friends. - My first kiss is on YouTube.

It was in our music video of "Solo Yo". - Oh yeah. - It was pretty good.

- My first kiss is whilst eighth grade. It was a lengua kiss, how you say that?

- Tongue, a tongue kiss. - (laughing) A lengua kiss.

- So I have to act like a bad boy, ya know. So I just give her to a lengua kiss, ya know.

(laughing) - He gave her a lengua kiss. - That's straight Spanglish right there.

- After that, she was my girlfriend. - Ooo. - Oh wow, she liked it then.

- For how long, for how long? - One month. - Oh then she liked it, she didn't like it that much.

(laughing) - Hey yo what's good everybody, we are. . .

- [Everybody] CNCO. - That was so much fun and we hope you check out

more videos like this on Buzzfeed. - We love you.

- Thank you so much. (rock music)