How To Shut Down Haters



One of the unfortunate downsides of making positive changes is that people around you sometimes get negative.

It happens with people beginning new fitness regimens.

It happens with people starting new businesses and it certainly happens with people who follow tips on this channel to become more charismatic as they say, haters gonna hate.

In this video, you're going to discover five tips to put haters in their place when they start chirping.

First, when people start hating, ignore it.

You don't have to laugh at their point of jokes, you don't have to defend yourself or respond, and you don't even have to look at them.

Being ignored is one of the most powerful negative reinforcers and is often enough to get people to immediately change their behavior.

If you're one-on-one, you can just let an awkward silence sit and if you're in a group, just go right on talking to someone else who isn't hating.

People who are critical are usually looking for some kind of reaction and when you ignore them, they're likely to drop it.

Second, when haters are passive-aggressive, act as if they're being genuine.