How to (Actually) Read More Books



The perpetual struggle for each of us is finding more time to read.

Even for voracious readers, downtime with a good book can be elusive.

Speed reading is certainly one way to read more books, because it helps you read each book in less time.

I have tried it myself; personally I do not retain the information nearly as well and it feels more like a cheap hack than a veritable method to learning more and reading more.

Reading goals like one book per week or 20 books per year help set the bar and provide an aim for you to move towards in a productive manner; yet the step by step path of achieving a reading goal can often prove trying.

Some years ago, I made it a goal to read one book per week, 52 books in a year.

And I failed.

That first year I tried to read a book per week, I only made it to around 30 total books.

To instill more regular reading in my life, I did two things which have since helped me surpass upwards of 60 books per year multiple years in a row now.

With implementing these two techniques, reading more books becomes automatic and a natural, unavoidable consequence.