Henry Lau Tells Us About His Firsts


- Hey everybody, what's going on? It's Henry Lau here.

I'm with Buzzfeed and I have a movie coming out May 17th called A Dog's Journey.

Make sure you go watch it. I'm in it, great movie,

and I'll be talking about my firsts. (upbeat music)

Oh, I'm nervous. What if you guys talk

about some stuff I can't really answer? First time you realized you wanted to pursue acting.

The first opportunity I got to act was actually a film with Michelle Yeoh called Final Recipe

where I played a genius chef. At that time I never acted before.

I met the directors like hey, I never acted. Never did anything before

and she was like you're perfect for the role and I was like what do you mean?

Then I started to learn a little bit more about acting and everything and it felt natural in a way.

Not easy but natural and I was like wow, I think maybe I could make this into a career and here I am.

The first celebrity you met. About eight, nine years ago I was basically

just starting my career. I got into this building, I got into the elevator,

and then I was just going up. The next thing I know somebody walks in,

and it ended up being Pierce Brosnan. I'm like whoa!

That's 007. And then I was trying to keep my cool and everything.

He said hi to me and I was trying to be cool and everything. I was like hey, but I was freaking out inside.

But yeah, that was a pretty crazy experience. The first song you wrote.

Oh, I've written some bad songs. The first songs I wrote were probably

like when you first learned to use the program, and you're just like (humming).

The first one I actually kind of released, it was called Sick of Love

and that was when I was straight out of high school. I don't even know why I was sick of love back then.

There's videos on the internet. You guys can go check it out.

It's like going down memory lane. First thing you do when you get home

after a long day of work. It depends how long the day was.

A lot of times I just go straight to bed. I don't even take off my clothes.

I admit it, yeah I know, I know. I just go to bed and I just kind of lie there.

Oh, I do this every time after a long day at work. I carry around a ball all the time, it's a massage ball.

I just put it against the wall, you guys know what I'm talking about,

and then I just kind of massage myself, and then I go to the bed.

So it all ends up in the bed, yeah. First pet.

My first pet was actually a bird. The bird's name was Birdy.

I actually really wanted a dog, but my parents didn't let me have a dog,

but this bird was a very special bird. My bird would fly over to me, lay right on my shoulder,

and there's videos of me playing guitar and the bird's right on my shoulder.

The first CD you ever bought. I've never told anybody this,

but it was actually a Blink 182 CD 'cause in high school I was a drummer.

Travis he was an amazing drummer, and I just remember watching these videos

and he was like my high school idol. First celebrity crush.

Stop right now, thank you very muchI need somebody with a human touch

Oh, when Christina Aguilera first came out I was like wow, she's beautiful

and she's an amazing, amazing singer. The first time someone recognized you in public.

Aw, there's this crazy, crazy situation. A lot of people got to know me through Korean TV.

One of the more early shows that I did was this show where we went to the army.

Yeah, it was called Real Men, and it was just documenting just normal people

go in the army and that's like kind of going through hard times and everything,

and everyone got to know me through that. One thing everyone found out about me

was that my nostrils are heart-shaped. I'm not kidding you, they're heart-shaped,

and I was on the street and someone was like oh, that's the guy from the show

and then I thought the person would come up to me and be like hey, could I get your signature

or okay get a picture with you, and they're like hey, could I see your nostrils?

And I was like for real? But then I was like happy that anybody even knew me.

So I was like yeah, yeah. I was really excited yeah, let me show you.

They're like can I take a picture of you, your nostrils? And I'm like oh okay, but then it was pretty cool.

Do you want to see the nostrils, yeah? This is like normal nostrils,

and then I can make them into bigger hearts like this. One, two, three.

So small heart if I really love someone or something I'll give them the big hearts, yeah.

And if I really love them I can give them like a flickering heart.

(upbeat music)